Corporate Governance

Corporate governance relates to the activities of a company’s board of directors who are elected by and are accountable to the shareholders, and takes into account the role of management who are appointed by the board of directors and charged with the ongoing management of the company.

The board of directors (the “Board”) of Almonty Industries Inc. (the “Company”) is committed to sound corporate governance practices designed to promote the well being and ongoing development of the Company, having always as its ultimate objective the best interests of the Company.

The Board is of the view that the Company’s corporate governance policies and practices are comprehensive and consistent with applicable guidelines for corporate governance in Canada adopted by the Canadian Securities Administrators.  The Company continues to assess its governance practices and disclosure in relation to evolving Canadian guidelines.

Our Code of Business Conduct, Disclosure Policy, Insider Trading Policy, Whistleblower Policy along with the charters and mandates of the Board and its various committees are available to the right in the Related Links section.

Standing Committees of the Board

The Board has established two standing committees: an Audit Committee and a Compensation and Corporate Governance Committee. The composition and responsibilities of each standing committee is set forth below:

1. Audit Committee

Members: Mark Trachuk (Chair) and Dr. Thomas Gutschlag.

The Audit Committee is primarily responsible for:

  • identifying and monitoring the management of the principal risks that could impact the financial reporting of the Company;
  • monitoring the integrity of the Company’s financial reporting process and system of internal controls;
  • monitoring the independence and performance of the Company’s external auditors;
    dealing directly with the external auditors to approve external audit plans, other services (if any) and fees; and
  • providing an avenue of communication among the external auditors, management and the Board.

2. Compensation and Corporate Governance Committee

Members: Mark Trachuk (Chair), Dr. Thomas Gutschlag and Daniel D’Amato
The Compensation and Corporate Governance Committee is primarily responsible for:


  • reviewing and recommending to the Board the key human resource policies of the Company;
  • reviewing and recommending to the Board the compensation and benefits policies for the Company;
  • reviewing the performance and levels of compensation of the Chief Executive Officer and other senior executives;
  • developing and reviewing the overall approach of the Company to corporate governance matters;
  • reviewing the effectiveness of the Board as a whole, the committees of the Board and the contribution of each individual director;
  • nominations to the Board; and
  • reviewing the structure and composition of Board committees and any changes to committee charters.

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